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100% Plant-Based

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BanillaMaca Protein Powder Blend

This smoothie mix is easy to make, has the perfect flavor, and has room for versatility by adding additional ingredients! A great purchase, especially now while we are doing everything at home!

Amber B.

Ready-to-BLEND Superfood Smoothie Variety Pack

The new smoothie kits are the key to quarantine survival. The taste brings back a sense of normalcy and you feel like you just picked up a smoothie straight from the store.

Carly M.

ChocoMaca Protein Powder Blend

My recent order of ChocoMaca Protein powder and Pumpkin Spice Protein Powder are amazing. Both such a healthy, delicious treat! Always, consistent quality and taste!

Elizabeth O.

Ready-to-BLEND Adaptoberry Superfood Smoothie

Adaptoberry is the perfect blend of ingredients, and there are actually three servings not just one out of the portion Lifebar sends.

Jerilan G.

Reishi Latte Adaptogen Blend

Absolutely love this online option!

Marlena W.

Ready-to-BLEND Superfood Smoothie Variety Pack

These are healthy and yummy! They are also great to have on hand during these times when you can’t think of another thing to cook! They make a great gift also.

Kristun H.

Healer Superfood Adaptogen Blend

Tastes special. I like the gradients and look forward to seeing the long term effects on my health improvements.


ChocoMaca Protein Powder Blend

Love this earthy and chocolate mix. Very unique-

Kim H.

Ready-to-BLEND Superfood Smoothie Variety Pack

Very easy way to bring an organic- energy boosting smoothie right to your freezer instead of going to the Life Bar you can order it online.

Lauren I.

ChocoMaca Protein Powder Blend

Great Taste I use it for my Lunch every day! I love that 10 per cent went to the west end boys school!!!!! I think you should do it til the end of the year! the 10 per cent!

Ronald F.

Ready-to-BLEND Superfood Smoothie Variety Pack

Love the shakes. Great customer service. Our package was damaged in shipping and LifeBar had someone from their company hand deliver the next day.

Alexander M.

Ready-to-BLEND Choco Dream Superfood Smoothie

Delicious and so easy to make, love the life bar smoothies

Colleen U.

Ready-to-BLEND Superfood Smoothie Variety Pack

This was the best smoothies. So easy to make. I will be ordering more ! Delicious !!!

Theresa W.

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She loves all of our products and uses daily. Our Banillamaca protein is here go to protein after a work out session - Follow her @leahtravisano or click here to visit her website

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trendy diets aren't the answer, that's why our recipes are created to ensure maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quicker, easier, and fun to do. - delivered straight to your door.

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With over a decade in crafting delicious smoothies, we know what flavor combinations taste great. Our recipe experts draw out the raw, natural essence of each ingredient, selected with absolutely no filler or refined sugar, creating smoothies that are unquestionably good for you (and temptingly tasty).

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