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Clean, Plant-Based Proteins & Adaptogens

Whatever “health” means to you, LifeBar makes nutrition fun, tasty and convenient.

Our "No Extra Anything Rule", kicks out the fillers, flavorings and sweeteners most brands rely on to the curb.
Instead, we use the pure, nutritious stuff that packs the most powerful one-two punch of flavor and nourishment. It’s superfood karate.

Health doesn't have to be hard.

Meet our small batch plant-based protein powders.

Our versatile blends are perfect to make any dish protein-rich. Smoothies, bowls, pancakes, protein balls, you name it! You can't miss out on these simply delicious and keto-friendly protein powders.

Enhance your body's capacity with adaptogenic boosters.

Boost your smoothie, smoothie bowl, coffee or your beverage of choice with adaptogens. We incorporate ancient plants, like reishi and hei shou wu, to boost the body’s endocrine system in charge of regulating hormones, sleep and mood.

Build energy and resiliency by adding adaptogens to your diet and help your body manage the everyday stressors of modern life!

Meet Our Holy-Grail Ingredients

Healthy snacks have never been more fun

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