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courier journal: It's not quite a smoothie or a sorbet: Get your acai bowl fix at this healthy shop in NuLu

The acai bowl concept itself is certainly not new to Louisville. They’re on the menu at The Weekly Juicery, 632 E. Market St., LIFEBar inside Rainbow Blossom Food Markets and a few other places in town.

But even Ahmed, 27, is surprised at how quickly they’ve caught on in his new shop.

He didn’t even tell his own mother when he was opening the store, he said. He kept the menu simple at about a dozen items, but he still wanted his staff to have a few weeks to settle into the store and the routine.

Just through word of mouth, though, his business has boomed, he said.

It’s not uncommon to see a line to the door around lunch time. He’d planned to have two staffers onsite typically, but he’s bumped it to five in those high traffic points.

He’s still hiring, too, he said, but it takes more to make a bowl than just running a blender. 

There’s a certain art that comes with preparing the acai. He blends the Brazilian berry with other fruits and almond milk to make a thick paste. When it comes out of the blender it should be firm enough that it could pass that old Dairy Queen Blizzard test. If he's done it right, Ahmed can turn the pitcher over and shake it, and it still won't budge.

Don't try that after he serves it, though. The topping-heavy dish almost resembles an ice cream sundae. Turning the bowl over would throw the berries, nuts, bee pollen, bananas, coconuts and other superfoods he tops it with on to the floor.

BY Maggie Menderskie

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