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The Voice Tribune: Juice Do It

Chase Barmore opened LIFEbar in 2010 as a way to find a healthier alternative to his own diet after his favorite juice bar closed. The difference he saw in his own health was like night and day, and it’s this transformative quality to juicing that has driven him ever since.

What are the origins of LIFEbar?
I started it in 2010 because I was going regularly to a smoothie bar inside Rainbow Blossom and it closed down. I went there everyday, and it really helped me, and I was upset when it closed down, and so I decided to open up LIFEbar.

So you opened up LIFEbar, because you were sad that it closed?
Yeah, because there was now no juice bar or anything like it anymore. At that time I was a raw foodist, which meant that I did not eat any cooked food, so I only ate nuts, fruit and no dairy or cheese or meats. I found out that I was allergic to genetically modified foods – so anything with hormones in it like salmon and meats. I didn’t know this my whole life, so when I switched to a plant based diet and got on a kick of juicing and eating really clean this juice place that I went to really helped me. No one else was doing this.

How precisely did it help you?
When I started my other business – Ready Valet – I was working 16 plus hours a day and this type of food was the only thing that I was consuming. I wouldn’t crash, it gave me great energy and kept me healthy and my mind strong. It was like drinking food, it kept me moving and that’s how I was eating. It was quick and got me through the day.

That was your entire lifestyle though, so how would you say LIFEbar can help people who do not have the same lifestyle as yourself?
This can help anyone. In our culture today, it’s very hard to find non-processed ingredients. Nothing we do at LIFEbar is not processed; it is a very whole food diet. Someone who eats really unhealthy, but then walks into here, we can help them detox, help with a lifestyle that is normally very difficult and time consuming to do. It’s a very convenient way to get nutrients and vitamins.

And unlike other places, you deliver, correct?
Yes, we just launched an Android app and an iPhone app, so people can order through our website, as well, and Facebook. We deliver 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday through Saturday and we have a 10 mile radius with a $20 minimum and a $3 delivery fee.

And now you’re opening up a new location?
Yes, our new location is going to be at the Gardiner Lane Rainbow Blossom.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about juicing and the drinks that you sell?
I think the first one is that it doesn’t taste good. I think that’s a huge misconception that people need to get over. We make our stuff to taste great. Things like our Chocomaca Protein or our wheatgrass shots, we flavor profile everything to taste good and don’t use any artificial sweeteners. The other misconception is that people come in and don’t think it’s going to benefit them, but I have thousands of testimonials from customers who think this has really impacted them, and their life, and it’s the best thing for them to do on a daily basis. We do all the hard work, so that this is really convenient for people. VT

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