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WAVE3 NEWS: 5 questions with the owner of LIFEbar

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A friend of mine has a daily indulgence - a smoothie from LIFEbar. Sometimes he'll have two.

He's sort of got me hooked. About once a week instead of grabbing another cup of coffee I'll try to go for a smoothie or juice.

According to IBISWorld, the juice bar business is growing in popularity. It brings in about $2 billion per year.  

Here are my questions with the owner of LIFEbar, Chase Barmore. 

1) How did you come up with the idea of Lifebar?
Louisville had nothing like this concept back in 2010. I created LIFEbar out of purely needing organic juice and plant based smoothies for my personal life as a busy entrepreneur, what better way to bring it to the world than starting a new business (founded in 2010.)
2) What's the most popular juice or smoothie you offer?
The KEEPitGREEN Juice which is Kale, Celery, Cucumber, Lemon, Apple, (with or without ginger.)
The most popular smoothie is the ChocoMACA Protein - Cacao, maca, plant based protein, frozen banana, house made almond milk (I love to add raw almond butter to mine) sweetened with your choice of local raw honey, agave, Stevia or no sweetener at all.

3) You also offer cleanses - where someone wouldn't have anything but juice or smoothies. What's the benefit of a cleanse?
Great way to detox, revive, renew and jump start to weight loss. Giving your body a super dose of nutrients from high quality organic juiced vegetables that help you get on the right track. To reset your body and detox your organs.
4) How would you suggest someone do a cleanse?
Every cleanse is a personal choice, we suggest if you are new to cleansing to start off with a 3 day LIFEbar cleanse. This includes 3 organic juices and 3 signature superfood smoothies. This is all you will consume during that time other than water. It's a great way to push the reset button on your life!

5) What are your plans for growth?
We are looking to grow our ONdemand Delivery throughout Louisville as well as open a location in downtown Louisville within the next 2 years. We want to be in other cities and states to promote this healthy lifestyle that is needed with our busy lives.

By Shannon Cogan

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