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ChocoMACA Bowl

This is one of most popular drinks that we have made into a Smoothie Bowl that is sure to please and chocolate lover. 19g of plant based protein, sure to fuel what ever you are about to do. 

It’s so easy to make a Chocomaca Protein Bowl - 

3 Tbs     LIFEbar Chocomaca Protein Mix
1 frozen  Banana 
1/2 cup    Ice 
250 ml    Unsweetened Coconut Milk 
1 tbs.       Almond Butter 

Blend until all ingredients in @vitamix are creamy and thick 

Fresh blueberries 
Fresh strawberries 🍓 
Unsweetened coconut 🥥 flakes 
Fresh banana 🍌 slices 

Optional sweetener Local Raw Homey or Raw agave , topped with Cashew Cream

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