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@Food4fuel Ice cream Blog Post

Don’t go kissing ice cream season goodbye yet!!! I have one more summer recipe for you guys before we jump head first into the pile of leaves. I was inspired by the Banillamaca Protein Powder and my grandmas birthday party to create a CAKE BATTER ice cream. And it was amazing. 100% plant based (depending on the milk you decide to use), and even packed with protein. Talk about a superstar ice cream!! Grab the recipe below, or from my Instagram page @food4fuel__

 Plantbased Ice Cream Recipe


𝘽𝙖𝙣𝙖𝙣𝙖 𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢 𝙘𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙗𝙖𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙞𝙘𝙚𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢 🍨
2 chopped and frozen bananas
6 frozen “milk cubes”
1 tsp of vanilla extract
3 tbsp (1 serving) of @thelifebar banillamaca protein
a tad bit of sea salt
Extra milk for blending


Make “milk cubes” by filling an ice tray with your milk of choice (you can sub plant based milk to keep this ice cream entirely plant based!)

Simply place all the frozen ingredients in your blender or food processor (highly recommend using a food processor if you have one!) and add just a splash of milk. Begin blending everything 10-15 seconds at a time, stirring between each blend. Add liquid as needed, but don’t add too much! Trust the blending process because you want it to remain thick. Once it’s blended up a bit add the protein powder & blend a tad more to mix. Eat it as is, or pour it into a freezer friendly container & freeze (about an hour will give a good “ice cream” texture). Any extras just let thaw or nuke in the microwave for a few seconds to soften up before eating, just as you would with any other ice cream tub!

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