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How to Make the Most of LifeBar

How to Make the Most of LifeBar

Life. Is. Busy! Whether you’re on that 9-5 hustle or have your head deep in the books studying for exams, finding time to juggle life, work, health and fitness into your daily schedule can be a major balancing act. That’s why (especially in #TheseTimes) it’s more important than ever to take as much of the fuss out of your life and find simple solutions to make your day — and your body — run more efficiently.

Enter LifeBar. LifeBar is a line of 100% plant-based products that are vegan (!), gluten-free* (!) and boast no added sugars (!!!). We also take out the guesswork of having to google a long list of unpronounceable additives by only using a handful of raw, natural ingredients hand-selected by our team for their whole-food prowess. Even better, our superfood-packed specialty blends are all available for home delivery and offer healthy solutions for everyone from flexitarians to chocolate lovers.

What are LifeBar’s Products?

We offer three categories of nutritional supplement and meal replacement blends: Protein Blends, Superfood Smoothies and Adaptogen Blends. So, whether you’re looking for something to whip up keto shakes, vegan protein shakes or more, we’ve got you.

• Our Protein Blends come in flavors like ChocoMaca, BanillaMaca and, yes, even Pumpkin Spice! These blends are incredibly versatile, promote healthy weight loss and organ function, increase muscle mass and immunity defenses, and best of all are low carb and high protein for those looking for something keto-friendly.

• Who doesn’t love a Superfood Smoothie? Our ready-to-blend varieties come in flavors like chocolate, berry and matcha and only need a little water or non-dairy milk to become an easily digestible, metabolism-boosting meal replacement packed with enough protein and nutrition to give you that early morning or midday elevation you need.

• Feeling…stressed? Try one of our Reishi Latte or Healer Superfood Adaptogen Blends! Adaptogens are plant-based substances that help the body deal with physiological stressors. These super-versatile blends support immunity, promote healthy aging and longevity, aid in appetite suppression, and can be added to food, smoothies, water or even your morning coffee to help keep you feeling chill all day long.

How Should I Use LifeBar Blends?

Because of their delicious, nutritious and flexible properties, any and all of our blends can be used in a variety of ways. But, for most, pre-workout, post-workout or a quick meal replacement are the most beneficial.

Pre-Workout. Always aim to eat 1-3 hours before a workout and choose something easily digestible and high in protein and fluids that won’t make you feel sluggish. Try mixing up one of our protein blends with your favorite nut milk to get your workout started right.

Post-Workout. After you’ve hit the gym or taken that bike ride, it’s time to refuel and replenish. Choose something high in carbs and protein to repair muscle and replace the energy you burned making those gains like our superfood smoothies that are filled with just the right amount of carbs, fat and protein to get you back into balance.

Meal Replacement. Maybe you forgot to pack a lunch or go to the grocery — or maybe you just don’t feel like cooking again. We’ve been there. By using any of our blends as a base, you can craft a healthy, filling, nutritious meal replacement that’s quick to make, and quicker to “eat.”

What Can I Make with LifeBar’s Products?

One of the things we love most about LifeBar is how versatile our blends are. In the mood for a smoothie? Make a smoothie! Feeling like you need something a little more…chewy? One of our favorite ways to LifeBar is to mix them up with our favorite fruits, nuts and seeds to make “smoothie bowls” for breakfast or lunch. Some people even use them to make dessert! We love seeing and hearing all of the new ways our customers find to enjoy their LifeBar. Tag us on Instagram — @thelifebar — and show us some of your creations!

Remember, health doesn’t have to be hard. Are you ready to simplify things deliciously? Shop our products today to get LifeBar delivered right to your door and start powering your healthy, happy life.

*LifeBar products are gluten-free but are manufactured in a facility that processes products that contain gluten.

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