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LIFEbar Ingredients 101: What is an Adaptogen?

To those who are new to LIFEbar, the name “adaptogen” might sound a little daunting. It’s not a word you hear every day, but it should be in everyone’s vocabulary! 

By definition, an adaptogen is a non-toxic plant or substance used in herbal medicine. At LIFEbar, we use the reishi mushroom and the plant He Shou Wu (foti root), both of which are ancient Chinese herbs rich with antioxidants and cleansing properties. History has proven that herbal medicines such as these are incredibly effective in reducing stress within the body and boosting the immune system. Stressors can range from activities like a hard workout to mental fatigue or grief. Each can have biological, physical or chemical effects; adaptogens can improve your body’s response to the stress. Andin small studies, certain plants have caused increased endurance and had an anti-depressive effect in mammals. 

With so many tangible benefits, people all over the world continue to brew teas or ingest supplements made from shrubs, fungi, flowering plants, berries and roots. You might even be familiar with these adaptogens without knowing it–like ginseng root or turmeric! 

And contemporary research continues to show us that food (such as plants) can play a huge role in our mental and physical health, affecting anything from our sleep cycles to our responses to inflammation. There’s a reason that adaptogens remain widely used throughout countless cultures, and we respect the amazing healing traditions that we continue to draw inspiration from today. We source our herbs sustainably and purchase these ingredients from local farms, when possible.

The Power of Plants

Our sustainably sourced adaptogens harness the healing power of plants to bring a natural boost to any day. The heart-healing reishi mushroom supports a healthy immune system and quick nutrient absorption, and He Shou Wu (foti root) is used to stimulate longevity and cleanse the liver. Though you hardly taste the herbs in our blends, they’ll be putting in the work to bring balance and energy, both body and mind. 

We use one or both of these adaptogens in our Reishi Latte Adaptogen Blend, Healer Superfood Adaptogen Blend and the Adaptoberry Superfood Smoothie. 

Flavors like cacao, cinnamon, and reishi make the Reishi Blend perfect for your morning latte, or as an addition to frozen smoothies. The Reishi Blend can even enhance your favorite dessert recipes, from brownies to frozen yogurt. 

You can also add the Healer Blend to any smoothie; flexible ingredients like vanilla, maca, and cinnamon allow you to experiment with your recipes, balancing well with almond butter, banana, acai berry and more. It’s easy to introduce this subtle blend in a baked good, or incorporate it into your meal prep.

Luckily, the Adaptoberry Smoothie Blend does all the work for you! This blend already includes a delicious mix of berries along with our adaptogens, hemp seeds, pea protein, and almonds, so you can enjoy a nutrient-rich taste sensation whether you have 2 hours to meal prep or 5 minutes to run out the door. You just take the blend out of the freezer, add water or your favorite nut milk, and blend.

And why stop with smoothies? Our protein and adaptogenic blends can be used in baked goods, desserts, oatmeal, and more. One LIFEbar customer created no-bake adaptogenic raspberry ballsfor her girl’s night out, plus some amazing adaptogenic chocolate-covered strawberries

How will you adapt our adaptogen blends? 

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