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LIFEbar's Recipe for a warm low calorie, protein packed, pumpkin spice latte

Trade in the your Starbuck's Latte for this low calorie, protein packed, pumpkin spice latte

Finding a healthy warm drink can be a challenge these days, especially if your not looking for a bunch of artificial ingredients with added sugar. Our team has crafted the perfect fall pumpkin spice latte using only our Pumpkin Spice Protein and any choice of nut milk. This simple and only uses 2 ingredients. Here's what you will need, to become a barista at home. Plus this hot drink will not only be delicious with fall flavor it is a functional hot beverage that boasts 12g + of easily digestible protein and superfoods. No added pumps of sugars, artificial flavorings, dairy, or junk! Guilt free, satisfying, and delicious.

Pumpkin spice Latte with almond milk and froth wand
What you'll Need
  • 16 oz of your favorite nut milk - (we recommend coconut, almond, oat, & macadamia) **Pro tip we use unsweetened

  • Frothing Wand - (We used a Bodum Frother Wand)

  • Standard Pot

  • 3 TBS - Lifebar Pumpkin Spice Protein

  • Mug of choice


Pour 16oz of milk of choice into pot

Set to low heat and let simmer

Add 3 TBS of Lifebar Pumpkin Spice Protein

Blend and froth using frothing wand

Pour and enjoy

pot for Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pour 16oz Almond Milk into pot and add 3 TBS of LIFEbar pumpkin spice into pot

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