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Choco Dream Smoothie Pack

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Our world famous chocolate smoothie is ideal for those with the occasional sweet tooth. Featuring our ChocoMaca Protein Powder, fruits and veggies, and superfoods such as cacao, maca, coconut milk, cinnamon, spinach and vanilla, this smoothie is both satisfying and nourishing at any time of day.

One pack makes a 14 oz. smoothie with 20g of protein and stays fresh for up to 6 months in your freezer. To serve, simply tear open the smoothie pack, fill to the liquid line, blend and enjoy.

Ready to shop? Stock up and save! Choose from 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 smoothie packs.


Banana*, Spinach*, Cacao (Raw unprocessed Chocolate)*, Hemp*, Yellow Pea*, Maca*, Sacha Inchi*, Dehydrated Coconut Milk Powder*, Monk Fruit Sweetener*, Stevia Powder*, Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Vanilla Bean*, Sea Salt

*Organic Ingredients

Let’s Talk Convenience

On a constant rush in the morning? We get it.

Our smoothie packs are perfect for those on-the-go who still want a healthy snack. Simply take out the pack from the freezer, throw it in a blender and you're all set!

No need to wait in long lines, no more wasting time trying to find healthy meals, and no more excuses for eating junk food.

Let's Talk Taste

Bad-tasting smoothies? We don't know them.

We make healthy-eating delicious, with earth's very own superfoods. That means no added refined sugars to our blends – no more reaching for the junky snacks!

Let’s Talk Quality

From our smoothie bar to your kitchen.

Meet your new favorite go-to smoothie, perfect to start your day, before or after your daily work-out. If you're looking to refuel and nourish yourself, you're in the right place.
- Keto-friendly protein
- 100% plant-based
- No processed or refined sugars
- No inflammatory ingredients
- 20g of protein per smoothie pack

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