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Our Mission

We created a business to help people. We’ve been obsessed with finding the highest quality, cleanest ingredients that we hoped would be Life-changing. Finally by trial and error we found the perfect cost effective blend of clean ingredients, for us and for you!

Our Story

Our founder Chase Barmore relied on a holistic plant-based diet to overcome asthma, allergies and weight-loss challenges, improving his physical and emotional wellbeing. Problem was, health-food options were limited in his hometown of Louisville, KY.

Being a fearless entrepreneur, Chase and his wife Jamie, a creative innovator and fitness enthusiast, opened LIFEbar in 2010, pioneering holistic superfood nutrition in a place most famous for fried chicken. We’ll take it from here, Colonel.

With a precise attention to detail, Chase brought delicious, nutritious smoothies to life using only whole, organic ingredients, while Jamie developed clean, versatile, ready-to-use protein mixes that made it even easier for customers to bring home the health. Following the No Extra Anything Rule, we kick the fillers, flavorings and sweeteners most brands rely on to the curb, using only the pure, nutritious stuff that packs the most powerful one-two punch of flavor and nourishment. It’s superfood karate.

Less is only more if the less you’re using does more. You can count the number of ingredients in our recipes on one hand, yet our products still provide everything your body needs and your tastebuds want. That’s how we built a thriving community of all types, from fitness freaks and mindful meditators to  businesspeople, busy moms and their kids. But that’s only where our story begins - now, we’re delivering the craft, quality and care of a local specialty smoothie bar right to your door, without losing the personal customer connections that made LIFEbar such a special place.

Everyone should have access to delicious, nourishing superfood to power a healthy, happy life. With our array of unique products for any lifestyle, LIFEbar makes taking control of nutrition fun, tasty and convenient for anyone.

Our Approach

Nourishing the body begins with simplicity and transparency. We use only whole, organic, plant-based foods. Our all-natural products are prepared and served raw, allowing them to maintain their nutrient-dense properties. For most of our recipes, you can count the number of ingredients on one hand.

•  No flavorings, additives or fillers

•  No dairy, soy, gluten or peanuts

•  No processed or refined sugars

Healthy eating made easy

Our delicious protein mixes are your complete meal replacement solution. Made with only plant-based protein blends, adaptogenic herbs, natural sweeteners, and other whole ingredients, each versatile mix provides the foundation for perfect, delectable smoothies and baked goods. Our easy recipe guide lets you recreate the LIFEbar experience in your own kitchen every day. Kids love them, too!

Tastes good, feel good

If it doesn’t pass our own taste test, we don’t offer it to our customers. Our flavor standards incredibly high, so only the best-tasting products make the cut. We’re experts at drawing out the natural deliciousness of the ingredients we use, resulting in such decadent creations that you might start to wonder if they’re actually good for you. (Trust us, they really are!)

Local & sustainable

We’re committed to the health of our environment. All our products are sustainably sourced, and we buy our produce from local farms whenever possible. 

You get out of your body what you put into it. We want to be your best self, so we’ll only provide you with the very best in nutrition. Let LIFEbar be your fuel for life.

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Pumpkin spice protein latte using LIFEbar Pumpkin Spice Protein. Simple 2 Ingredient recipe
Simple and easy to make Double Chocolate Chip Baked oats with Lifebar Chocomaca protein and almondbutter
Simple easy to make waffles, how to make an easy pumpkin protein waffle

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