Why LIFEbar

our Manifesto

At LIFEbar, we are passionate about the pursuit of health, wellness, and the knowledge of how they are incorporated into our daily lives. 
We strive to create a vibrant offering of fresh, organic, and raw superfoods.
Our team takes great pride in the work that we do, and the products that we serve. 

We are committed to working as a team, Finding our singular flow through concise, effective communication and self-accountability. Nurturing an environment where the guest is number one, not just a number in a line. 
We collaborate ideas to provide the best plant-based food in a convenient setting. 

We are committed to changing the relationship one has with food.. 
We strive to make sustainable, plant-based diets achievable.
We desire to close the gap of local food accessibility for everyone by partnering with local non-profit organizations whose visions align with ours. 

Join us in our journey through delicious health and bountiful wellness. 


Our Produce: 
We use only organic produce and locally procured when possible. Supporting local, organic farmers is vital to our core beliefs. We understand that local, organic farmers are better for the environment we love so much. 
Cold-pressed Juices: 
Our juices are crafted on masticating, cold-pressed juicers to ensure that all nutrients are intact and contain active enzymes. Never heating or pasteurizing them.

The quality of ingredients is not left behind in the juicer. We use the highest quality organic ingredients in our smoothies as well. We love superfoods, whole fruits, plant-based protein with nothing but the necessary components in it. The Vitamix blender is our best friend, and greatest tool for creamy consistency. 
Bottled Drinks: 

We offer raw, organic, fruity tonics and creamy nut milks that provide decadent flavor and vital nutrients.

Prepared Dishes: 
In addition to meals and snacks you can sip, LIFEbar now offers food dishes as well! Serving both savory and sweet items that are plant-based and jam packed with nutrients!

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