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BanillaMaca Protein Powder

  • Vanilla Plant Protein Powder 

  • Makes 16 shakes 

Bold creamy vanilla flavor. Delicious & easily digestible.

Let’s talk quality:

  • High Keto-friendly protein
  • 100% plant-based
  • No processed or refined sugars
  • No inflammatory ingredients  

You can see every ingredient we use, and know that our smoothies are clean. It's not going to upset your stomach or cause inflammation. 

We believe that less is only more if the less you’re using does more. You can count the number of ingredients in our recipes on one hand, yet our products still provide everything your body needs and your tastebuds want.

Let’s talk taste:

  • No more bad-tasting smoothies.
  • No more reaching for the junk food snack 
  • No more unhealthy added sugar 

We admit, healthy food sometimes can taste bad. But it doesn't have to be this way! We’ve perfected the recipes to taste good without being overly sweet. No added sugars, but also no powdery health drink taste! 

Powered by these superfood ingredients we are sure you'll love.
  • High Altitude - Hand Harvested Peruvian Maca
  • Ancient Incan Sacha Inchi Seed 
  • Organic Hulled Hemp Seed 
  • Organic Sprouted Pea Protein 
  • Balanced with Organic Brain Nourishing Dehydrated Coconut Milk 
  • Pure Black Madagascar Vanilla Bean Fleck


Make in Seconds

•  Take your frozen Ready-to-Blend smoothie out of the freezer
•  Add 1 1/4 cup of water or your favorite nut milk
•  Blend until smooth, and enjoy the perfect smoothie every-time

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