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Ready-to-BLEND Superhero Superfood Smoothie

Pack Size
  • Each Ready-to-Blend Smoothie Pack Makes a 16oz smoothie 

Ready-to-Blend Smoothie - Pull out of the freezer, add water or your favorite nut milk and blend.

  • High Altitude - Hand Harvested Peruvian Maca
  • A good source of vitamin C, to further promote a healthy immune system and nutrient  absorption 
  • Ancient Incan Sacha Inchi Seed 
  • Organic Hulled Hemp Seed 
  • Organic Sprouted Pea Protein 
  • Balanced with Organic Brain Nourishing Dehydrated Coconut Milk 
  • Pure Black Madagascar Vanilla Bean Fleck


Strawberry*, Pineapple*, Mango*, Banana*, Maca*, Hemp*, Yellow Pea*, Sacha Inchi*, Coconut Oil*, Dehydrated Coconut Milk Powder*, Monk Fruit*, Stevia*, Cinnamon*, Vanilla, Ginger*

*Organic Ingredients

Packs the Power for post-workout recovery or the everyday nutrient boost 

Our Superhero superfood smoothie is a blend of tropical fruit that tastes like sunshine while delivering easily digestible and powerful protein; also is great for kids. Ideal for drinking first thing in the morning after a workout; the delicious fruit mix starts the taste buds running for the day and the tangy mango and pineapple is a big hit with kids. The slow-release of the plant-protein provides sustained energy throughout the morning.


I am joined by the INCREDIBLE Jamie & Chase Barmore. Chase started The LIFEbar--a juice bar & cafe focused on holistic, superfood nutrition. Together, the couple has found their purpose in wellness & health--and they bring that same drive to their business. Jamie & Chase have introduced so many people to the power of a healthy lifestyle. We talked about being purpose-driven, overcoming obstacles, innovating, & how you can cultivate your unique purpose!! Even as they've gone completely digital, (check them out at they still have stayed so grounded & focused on their mission. Such an uplifting story & they truly have the best energy!!!
From boosting energy to providing essential nutrients, maca powder is a superfood ingredient you should be incorporating into your diet. Learn more!

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